Iterative Processes Methods for Solving Boundary Value Problem for the Caputo Fractional Differential Equations


  • Mufeedah Maamar Salih Ahmad Department of Mathematic- Faculty of Art & Science Kasr Khiar Elmergib Universit- Khums- Libya



Caputo Fractional Differential equations, Boundary value problem, Fixed-point theorem, iterative processes methods.


In this article, we introduce a study of approximate solutions for the Caputo fractional differential equations with boundary conditions in Banach space. We transformed given equations into equivalent integral equations for constructing of contraction mapping and other compact mapping, both of which allow for the proof of the existence solution. The ultimate goal of this study is to present a comparison of the speed convergence of the approximate solutions of Caputo Fractional differential equations obtained by using the processes repetitiveness of the Picard, Mann, Picard-Mann hybrid, Picard -Krasnoselskii hybrid, and Ishikawa methods to the general solutions


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