Editor-in-chief 's Word

Word of the editor in-chief of the Scientific Journal for the Faculty of Science-Sirte University

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

 The praise is to Allah, Lord of the worlds, and prayers and peace is upon the prophet Muhammad, and upon his family and his companions.

At the outset, we are delighted to congratulate all members of the editorial board of the journal and all the teaching fraternity of the faculty of science at Sirte university on the launch of the first scientific journal of our faculty. Moreover, we would like to commend the efforts made by the Dean of the faculty, which bore fruit in establishing this scientific platform. Furthermore, we hope that this journal will be a scientific platform that musters academics from inside and outside the university in the field of basic sciences and their applications to share and exchange their experiences and scientific research. The editorial board of the journal will be keen to adhere to the common quality standards for scientific publications by following certain rules for writing scientific research, investigating honesty and scientific accuracy. We ask Allah to grant us success so that this journal contributes to raising the university’s classification and progress at both the local and regional levels.

This journal will provide its services to the teaching community in the vital sectors and will contribute effectively to the process of building the society, which in turn will provide effective solutions to the vital, environmental and other problems of the society. We hope that the researchers will take into account the current crises that the society suffers from, for the possibility of studying them and offering some solutions to address them to ensure the application of knowledge and technology in all sectors of the society.

This journal aims to enrich the culture of scientific research and encourages academics to engage in scientific research. We also aspire that this journal puts its unique mark to distinguish among other local and non-local scientific journals. With Allah’s help, we will strive to ensure that the journal obtains the recognized quality standards, whether at the local or regional level. We are pleased to invite all our colleagues and our dear students from inside and outside the faculty to contribute to publishing their research in the journal. In conclusion, we are all looking forward to the release of the first issue of the journal in the near future, with Allah's help.

Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah are upon you.

Prof. Abdalla Salem Radwan

Editor in-chief