Scientific Journal for Faculty of Science-Sirte University <p>The Scientific Journal for the Faculty of Science-Sirte University (SJFSSU, henceforth) is a bi-annual peer-reviewed and open accessed journal issued electronically by the faculty of science at Sirte University. The SJFSSU aims to encourage research in the scientific community and publish papers reporting original work that are of high standards and contribute to the development of knowledge in all fields of applied and pure (theoretical) science, namely mathematics, statistics, physics, chemistry, zoology, botany, microbiology, astronomy, computer science, information technology, geology, environment science and oceanography.</p> Faculty of Science-Sirte University en-US Scientific Journal for Faculty of Science-Sirte University 2789-858X The Evaluation of Tolerance of Six Triticum aestivum Genotypes to Salt Stress <p>Soil salinity is one of the most environmental important obstacles facing the productivity and quality of wheat crops, However, the adverse effects of salinity could be mitigated by identifying salinity-tolerant genotypes. Therefore, this study was conducted with an aim of Evaluation of the tolerance of six Acsad wheat genotypes to salt stress, (Acsad 1398, Acsad 1508, and Acsad 1524) of bread wheat, and (Acsad 1595, Acsad 1671, and Acsad 1729) of durum wheat, under five levels of salt treatments (0, 50, 100,150, and 200 NaCl). The results indicate that salinity levels reveal significant (p ≤ 0.05) differences in germination percentage, radical /plumule length, and seedling fresh weight. In addition, there were non significant differences in the average of germination time. As noted genotype the A1508 genotype scored the highest average germination percentage reached (90.6 %), while genotype A1595 was superior to others in an average of radical /plumule length, and seedling fresh weight. Also, the result indicated that 200 mM NaCl of salinity stress was the most toxic for all wheat genotypes included in this study. finally, the results of this study categorize the wheat genotypes into tolerant genotypes include (A1508 and A1595), moderate tolerant genotypes include (A1398) and sensitive genotypes include (A1671, A1524, and A1729).</p> Sami Salih Ahmed A. Abdulrraziq Othman A. A. Abdulwhab Copyright (c) 2023 Scientific Journal for Faculty of Science-Sirte University 2023-10-26 2023-10-26 3 2 105 109 10.37375/sjfssu.v3i2.1612 In vitro phytochemical screening, Antioxidant and Anti-platelet Activities of Libyan Arbutus pavarii Extract <p>This study was conducted to investigate the active compound like alkaloid and phenolic compound in leaves and fruit extracts of <em>Arbutus pavarii </em>compound and to determine the potential effect of methanol extract of <em>Arbutus pavarii </em>to improve antioxidant properties activity in a dose-dependent manner with good IC50 values. The antioxidant effect of <em>Arbutus pavarii </em>was investigated by scavenger effect using 1, 1-diphenyl-2 picrylhydrazyl (DPPH). And we observe the possibility of <em>Arbutus pavarii </em>extract to prevent human platelets aggregation. The effect of <em>Arbutus pavarii extract</em> related to its active compounds including polyphenols which able to reduce the scavenge of the hydroxyl radicals in human body leading prevent dysfunction pathway, the mechanism underlying such effects related to a reduce the vascular formation of Reactive oxygen species (ROS). The present findings indicated that <em>Arbutus pavarii </em>has antioxidant effects and the ability to prevent human platelets aggregation. These results could be indicator to improve the verity cells dysfunction in human body, then improve the function of cardiovascular and also to reduce pathological arterial wall. Further suggest that <em>Arbutus pavarii </em>might be an interesting candidate as a good food therapeutic.</p> Noura Ali Faraj Zgheel Adem Zgheed Elmundr Abughnia Copyright (c) 2023 Scientific Journal for Faculty of Science-Sirte University 2023-10-26 2023-10-26 3 2 88 95 10.37375/sjfssu.v3i2.1660 In vitro Micropropagation of Ginger plant (Zingiber officinale) <p>The study was conducted for the purpose of micro propagation of ginger plant (Zingiber officinale) through use of plant tissue culture technique to identify the best plant micro propagation conditions. The plant samples were sterilized superficially by immersing them in the Clorox solution, and then the sterilized plants were cultured in MS media in order to obtain free contamination culture. After the sufficient number of ginger plants had obtained the plants were replanted in MS media supplemented with several concentrations of (BA and NAA) for the purpose of obtaining the best vegetative growths. The treatments were divided into four treatments as T1 (control treatment contains MS without hormones), T2 (MS +0.1mg/l NAA+1mg/l BA), T3 (MS+0.1mg/l NAA+2mg/l BA) and T4 (MS+ 1mg/l NAA). The results of this study showed that addition of 0.1mgNAA with 1 or 2mg/l BA improve the vegetative growth of ginger plant. It is also proved that the average of plant length, number of brunches and number of leaves was significantly higher in T2 and T3 compared with other two treatments. Furthermore, results proved that combination between NAA and BA gave the best vegetative growth. For the root site, the results showed that the culture media (MS) plus 1 mg / L of the growth regulator (NAA) resulted in the highest of root growth. A cording to our results addition 0.1mg NAA with 1 or 2mg/l BA would be the best choice for In vitro Micropropagation of ginger plan.</p> Ahmed Shaaban Noman Elnfishy Zineb Aween Elshabany Abdelah Elmundr Abughni Copyright (c) 2023 Scientific Journal for Faculty of Science-Sirte University 2023-10-26 2023-10-26 3 2 154 161 10.37375/sjfssu.v3i2.1659 Evaluation of Efficiency of Two Local Rhizobium Leguminosarum Isolates on Root Nodulation and Growth of Faba Bean (Vicia faba L.) <p>This study was conducted at the Libyan Biotechnology Research Center to investigate and evaluate the efficiency of two local isolates of Rhizobium Leguminosarum bacteria in root nodulation and improvement of the growth of faba bean. The two studied isolates were isolated from two geographically different regions in Libya (Qasir Ibn Ghashir and Shahhat). The experiment was designed according to the completely randomized Design (CRD). The experiment included two treatments (isolates) and three replicants of every isolate. The results showed superiority of R2 isolate in all studied growth characteristics (plant height, number of leaves, root length, root fresh weight, and the fresh and dry weight of stems and leaves) when compared to R1 isolate. Treating the plant with R2 isolate increased also the number of active nodules and the total weight of nodules. The results of all examined characteristics indicate that R2 isolate which is isolated from shahhat is significantly better in improving plant growth, which is as a result of the effect on nitrogen fixation and production of some plant hormones.</p> Muhammed Mukhtar Abdurrazzaq Braydan Farag Abu Drehiba Abulnaser Belhag Alnajih Rahil Copyright (c) 2023 Scientific Journal for Faculty of Science-Sirte University 2023-10-26 2023-10-26 3 2 149 153 10.37375/sjfssu.v3i2.1658 The Effect of Poultry Manure on Growth, and Yield of Tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum mill) Cultivated in Salt Marsh Soil. <table> <tbody> <tr> <td width="410"> <p>The tomato is an important, popular, and versatile vegetable in the world and ranks number one in its contribution to the diet. One of the most common land degradation processes that affect agricultural production is soil salinization; however, organic production can be utilized to reduce the effect of salinity on many plants. The study aims to investigate the effect of different concentrations (0.25, 31, 38, and 44%) of poultry manure (PM) on cherry tomato plants grown in marsh soil and to study the effectiveness of fertilizer in improving soil properties. The results showed that the application of PM in marsh soil increased plant height, root length, fresh and dry weight, the number of flowers and fruits, and shoot potassium concentration, while shoot sodium concentration decreased. The present study concluded that treating salt marsh soil with PM levels, especially with PM4, could reduce salinity stress damage on cherry tomato plants, increase biomass production, and improve soil properties.</p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> Najat Mohamed Eglus Gazala M. Alhdad Hawa Ismail Al-Qant Salma Meftah Alar Copyright (c) 2023 Scientific Journal for Faculty of Science-Sirte University 2023-10-26 2023-10-26 3 2 59 67 10.37375/sjfssu.v3i2.1633 Floristic Study of Al-Orban area in Gharyan District-Libya <p>The goal of this study was to investigate the vegetation composition and structure of the Al-Orban area in Gharyan district, Libya over two continues growing seasons from the first of January to the first of Jaunary 2022. During this period, a total of 309 plant species were identified and collected in the field. These species belonged to 43 families, with 39 families of dicotyledons and 4 families of monocotyledons. The most dominant family was <em>Asteraceae</em> with 60 species, followed by <em>Fabaceae</em> with 32 species, <em>Poaceae</em> with 33 species, and <em>Brassicaceae</em> with 35 species. The most dominant genera were <em>Plantago</em> and <em>Euphorbia</em>, each represented by 6 species, followed by <em>Erodium </em>and <em>Chenopodiun </em>with 5 species each, and <em>Astragalus,</em> <em>Centaurea, Rumex, Concolvulus</em>, and <em>Stipa</em> each represented by 4 species. Life-form spectrum analysis indicated that Therophytes were the most predominant with 189 species, followed by Hemicryptophytes with 47 species, and geophytes with 40 species. Furthermore, chorotype spectrum analysis showed the dominance of Mediterranean species with 128 species, followed by Mediterranean/Iranian-Turanian with 66 species. These findings provide valuable insight into the plant diversity and distribution in the Al-Orban area of Gharyan district, Libya.</p> Mohammed H. Mahklouf Sh-hoob M. El-Ahmir Copyright (c) 2023 Scientific Journal for Faculty of Science-Sirte University 2023-10-26 2023-10-26 3 2 29 43 10.37375/sjfssu.v3i2.1452 Secure Key Exchange Using Boolean algebra: A New Method Based on NP-Hard Problem <p>Secure key exchange is essential for maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of transmitted data in contemporary communication systems. To restrict unwanted access to the transferred keys, traditional key exchange techniques relied on computational complexity. Traditional approaches could be attacked, though, if modern computing resources become more powerful. This article suggests a novel method for secure key exchange based on NP-hardness and Boolean algebra. The method creates a public value from the private keys of two participants and other information, and each person then uses their own private key and the other public value to obtain the shared key. The fact that the private keys are not disclosed and that both users compute the secret key using their respective sets of private keys and values received from the other side makes the system resistant to man-in-the-middle attacks. The major goal of the suggested solution is to safely retrieve the same value as a shared key for both participants, even if others already know the public values. Boolean algebra and an NP-hard issue offer higher security assurances than conventional techniques that only consider computational complexity. The study uses a key size of 128 bits, which produces good results and offers higher security guarantees than conventional techniques. The study has also created a brand-new key exchange strategy that enhances current methods. Overall, this method marks a substantial advancement in the use of Boolean algebra and NP-hard issues to achieve secure key exchange.</p> Khamiss Ahmed Mohammed Albrkoli Aisha Alfitouri Mahmmoud Alawan Copyright (c) 2023 Scientific Journal for Faculty of Science-Sirte University 2023-10-26 2023-10-26 3 2 115 125 10.37375/sjfssu.v3i2.1663 A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Artificial Neural Network Models for Time Series Data Prediction <p>Stock market prediction has become an important area of research. Various methods have been used by researchers to forecast stock market price series. In recent developments, artificial intelligence (AI) methods have become one of the most popular techniques for forecasting financial time series. One of the AI methods that is commonly employed to solve various time series problems is artificial neural network (ANN). This article aims to present a comparative study to evaluate the performance of the three artificial neural network models, namely Back Propagation Neural Network (BPNN), Radial Basis Function Neural Network (RBFNN), and Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) neural network in a problem of one-day ahead movement prediction of the USD exchange rate. The experiment was performed on the stock price of two companies, namely Microsoft (MSFT) and Apple Inc. (AAPL). The performance of these models is compared using accuracy metrics, such as Mean Squared Error (MSE), Mean Absolute Error (MAE), Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE), and R Squared (R2) score values. Based on the results obtained, the LSTM forecasting model outperformed alternative models with a high degree of accuracy and was found to be very efficient in learning time series data.</p> Umalkher Mohamed Copyright (c) 2023 Scientific Journal for Faculty of Science-Sirte University 2023-10-26 2023-10-26 3 2 18 28 10.37375/sjfssu.v3i2.1516 Spectroscopy of Alpha-Particles Using the Thermally Diffused p-i-n Detector <p>The goal of this experimental work is to learn more about the characteristics of alpha particles, how they interact with matter, and their range.. A thermally diffused detector and a triple alpha source with the isotopes Pu<sup>-239</sup>, Am<sup>-241</sup>, and Cm<sup>-244</sup> were employed in the experimental work.</p> <p>The primary aim was to obtain three main energy peaks and then determine the absolute activities of these isotopes. The absolute activities were calculated, and they were 1652.38±40.6 Bq, 936.38 ±30 Bq, and 706.8±26 Bq for Pu<sup>-239</sup>, Am<sup>-241</sup> and Cm<sup>-244</sup> respectively. The second aim was to calibrate the Multi- channel analyser at lower energies known as attenuation output using the initial pulser peak that covered the Am<sup>-241</sup> peaks at an energy of 5.49MeV. The FWHM was estimated using counting statistics to be 11.23.35 kev. Then, it was determined when the alpha emission for three isotopes started to stop, using an extrapolated range of alpha particles. In order to draw the graphs of each radioisotope's peak energy versus air pressure and the FWHM versus six spectra of gas pressures, air pressures of various m-bar air pressures were measured. The procedure should ultimately be completed by measuring the intensity of -particles and documenting the peak count rate for a particular element, in this case Cm<sup>-244</sup>.</p> Abduljalil E. Abdulhadi Haniya Saleh Alhoweij Copyright (c) 2023 Scientific Journal for Faculty of Science-Sirte University 2023-10-26 2023-10-26 3 2 177 181 10.37375/sjfssu.v3i2.1662 Isolated Some Fish Parasites from Sarpa salpa (Linnaeus, 1758) in Misurata City Coast, Libya <p>In this study, some parasitic infections were investigated in a type of herbivorous marine fish that is widely spread in the coastal water of Misurata city. The abdominal cavity, gills, stomach, intestines, liver, and spleen of ten <em>Sarpa salpa</em> fish were examined between February and April 2018. The results showed that the incidence of helminths varied among the study fish, with the highest infection rate recorded in the posterior and interior intestines, reaching 31-30% respectively, followed by the stomach at a rate of 22%. The liver had a parasitic infection rate of 17%, specifically Trematoda. Acanthocephalan was only observed in the posterior intestines. While the gills, abdominal cavity, spleen, and ectoparasites, their infection rates were 0%. Microscopic examination of the liver, gills, and intestines' tissues revealed the presence of various tissue diseases, including swelling, cysts, and degradation of most liver cells, as well as damage to the gill filaments.</p> Nagla A. Elfagi Mustafa A. Sidoun Copyright (c) 2023 Scientific Journal for Faculty of Science-Sirte University 2023-10-26 2023-10-26 3 2 51 58 10.37375/sjfssu.v3i2.1622 A Survey Study of the Characteristic, Causes, and Symptoms of Anemia Among Pregnant Women and Its Effects on Women and Fetus <p>Pregnancy is a physiological condition characterized by a high demand for energy and an increased need for oxygen. This demand escalates as pregnancy progresses to meet the requirements of both the mother and the fetus. Anemia, on the other hand, results from an imbalance in red blood cells is often caused by iron deficiency. When iron levels are low, it leads to a decrease in hemoglobin, which, in turn, impairs the body's ability to provide the necessary oxygen for its vital processes. The study involved 96 pregnant women who were surveyed using a questionnaire. Among them, 74 exhibited signs and symptoms of anemia, while 22 were included in the control group. Additionally, through the calculation of proportions, we analyzed the symptoms that later manifested in both the mothers and the fetuses. It discovered that the anemia was most prevalent in the age group of 36 to 45. The results of the research sample indicated that miscarriages and stillbirths occurred, although in relatively low numbers. The most prominent symptoms reported by pregnant women with anemia were headaches and dizziness, while the affected fetuses exhibited jaundice and low blood pressure. In brief, anemia is a condition that can affect pregnant women of all ages and is often caused by a lack of access to health information and an inadequate diet for their stage of pregnancy.</p> Arwa Alnuimy Hawra Safwan Mahfouz Copyright (c) 2023 Scientific Journal for Faculty of Science-Sirte University 2023-10-26 2023-10-26 3 2 68 73 10.37375/sjfssu.v3i2.1617 Preeclampsia Symptoms and Liver Function Tests in Women with Pre‐Eclampsia: Comparison with a Normal Pregnant Woman <p>Preeclampsia is a pregnancy-related condition that is linked to elevated blood pressure and proteinuria. It is one of the main causes of child and mother deaths in developed countries and only affects pregnant women during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Due to normal hepatic markers during pregnancy, our purpose is to examine these factors in pregnant women and their association with disorders such as preeclampsia. In this study, the liver function tests in pre-eclampsia and normal pregnancy were compared. This study included 100 pregnant women after 20 weeks of pregnancy, divided into two groups, Group A is the control group, which consisted of 40 pregnant women with normal blood pressure, and Group B is the preeclampsia group, which consisted of 60 preeclamptic women, whose blood pressure was greater than 140/90 mm Hg and whose proteinuria in a 24-hour period was greater than 300 mg. The Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the Teaching Governmental Hospital in the northeastern Libyan city of El-Baida provided the samples. In both groups, we assessed the activity of the liver enzymes ALT, AST, and total bilirubin. According to the findings, there was no discernible difference between the two groups' total bilirubin levels. The serum levels of ALT and AST across the two groups did, however, differ significantly (p 0.05). The results of this study indicate that preeclampsia-affected pregnant women had hepatic biomarkers that were higher than those of healthy pregnant women.</p> Salma Hamed Marfoua Ali Copyright (c) 2023 Scientific Journal for Faculty of Science-Sirte University 2023-10-26 2023-10-26 3 2 141 148 10.37375/sjfssu.v3i2.101 Detection of MUTYH Gene Mutations in Hereditary Colorectal Cancer Libyan Families <p>Colorectal Cancer (CRC) has become one of the most dangerous yet spreadable cancers, as a result of many wrong behaviors people do, in addition to being a hereditary disease. However, Libya was not included in a lot of studies due to the lack of adequate studies on infected CRC Libyan patients, thus this study aims to detect mutations in the <em>MUTYH</em> gene in Libyan families who heredity colorectal cancer. The study included 20 blood samples collected from (10 patients with hereditary colorectal cancer and 10 healthy people) all of them had a family history of this disease. Genomic DNA was extracted, amplified by PCR, and analyzed for <em>MUTYH</em> mutational status by direct sequencing. <em>MUTYH</em> mutations were present in 50% (10\20) of all analyzed samples. A total of 10 patients had <em>MUTYH</em> mutations in different positions; of which 5\10 (50%) had a deletion A in c.1140, 1\10 (10%) a patient had a substitution mutation in c.1149 C&gt;N, 1\10 (10%) a patient had two type mutations, substitution mutation in c.1154 C&gt;T and insertion CT inc.1153, 2/10 (20%) they had substitution mutation in c.1237 G&gt;R, 1\10 (10%) a patient had substitution mutation in c.1140 A&gt;C. This study concludes that indicates that analysis of the MYH gene should be performed in patients with multiple colorectal adenomas, On the other hand, it helped to clarify the type and frequency of MYH mutations among colorectal polyposis patients in Misurata. This study believes that an enlargement of the MUTYH mutation spectrum resulting from these types of studies will contribute to early detection and the prevention of secondary cancer development.</p> Asma Abudabous Ehsan M. Idris Mustafa M . Drah Halima A. Haded Afaf M. Aburwais Copyright (c) 2023 Scientific Journal for Faculty of Science-Sirte University 2023-10-26 2023-10-26 3 2 162 166 10.37375/sjfssu.v3i2.1596 An Environmental Study of Some Water Characteristics of Al-Anaba Desert Lake in Southern Libya <p>This study aimed to estimate the physical and chemical properties of Al-Anaba desert lake. The study found that the average temperature ranged between 8.15 and 15.3. The pH rates of the water surface of Annaba were close to the general average of 9.54. The dissolved oxygen ranged from 3.97 to 6.54 mg/l in both the west and south of the lake, respectively. There were no differences in the concentrations of total dissolved salts (TDS) with a general average of 49072 mg/l. The study showed differences in the sodium element concentration from 6.51 mg/l to 8.61 mg/l. There were clear differences in the concentration of the potassium element in the different directions of the lake water with a general average of 0.716 mg/l, which is higher than the concentration of the element in clean sea water (0.38) mg /l. The study showed clear differences in the concentrations of phosphate ions with a general average of 5.28 mg /l. Additionally, the lake is home to various animals such as birds, sea geese, insects like mosquitoes, and aquatic organisms such as brine shrimp. Human activities have affected the succession process in the lake, leading to the growth of the bottom and a reduction in the area of the lake.</p> Seadha Matooq Youssef Al-Haddad Fatimah Sheebah Najim Boubaker Muhammad Othman Copyright (c) 2023 Scientific Journal for Faculty of Science-Sirte University 2023-10-26 2023-10-26 3 2 167 176 10.37375/sjfssu.v3i2.1531 The Rates Incidence of Urinary Tract Infection in the Community and Development Uropathogens Resistance to Antibiotics <p>Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are common bacterial infections, it considers the second diseases that are frequent in the general population. This study aimed to resolve data of bacterial isolates among 3687 UTI patients at Sabratha Teaching Hospital during the years 1999, 2014 and 2015. Including results of urine culture test, biochemical test and antimicrobial susceptibility test.<strong> </strong>Results reveal that 398 (15.4%) uropathogens were isolated in 1999, 187(22.6%) in 2014 and 61(22.4%) in 2015. There was an increase in rates of isolation of uropathogens in 2014 and 2015 compared to 1999. <em>Escherichia coli</em> was the most common isolated uropathogen represented 69.6%, 18.7% and 19.7% of organisms isolated in 1999, 2014 and 2015 respectively. Other gram-negative represented 25.6%, 65.8% and 52.4%, in 1999, 2014 and 2015 respectively. Gram-positive cocci represented 4.8%, 15.5% and 21.3%, in 1999, 2014 and 2015 respectively. Rates of infections in females were higher (58%, 67% and 65%) compared to males (42%, 33% and 35%) in the three years. In this study high resistance was found of <em>E. coli</em> and other gram-negative rods (47%, 44.1%) to ceftriaxone in 1999 year compared to 2014 and 2015 years (19.1%, 28.4%). Also found high resistance of <em>E. coli</em> and other gram-negative rods (29.8%, 28.4%) to nalidixic acid in 2014 and 2015 years compared to 1999 year (11.5%, 15.6%). Urinary tract infections UTIs are the most common infections in the community. Also, showed increased uropathogens resistance to most antibiotics. So, this leads to a significant financial burden on the health system.</p> Embarka. A. S. Laswad Copyright (c) 2023 Scientific Journal for Faculty of Science-Sirte University 2023-10-26 2023-10-26 3 2 96 104 10.37375/sjfssu.v3i2.1620 Proteus genus sensitivity testing for various classes of antibiotics. <p><em>Proteus</em> genus has become one of the most common pathogens in Libya, with high antibiotic resistance, which can lead to medical problems in many situations in hospitals. However, there is no comprehensive study of the sensitivity and resistance of Proteus pathogenic to antibiotics in Libya. Therefore, the present study was conducted with the aim to test the sensitivity and resistance of two <em>Proteus</em> isolates (UTI and diarrhea) to antibiotics. The Kirby-Bauer (disc diffusion) method was used to investigate the effects of eight Antibiotics, belonging to different classes. Aminoglycosides represented by Gentamicin, Tetracyclins class represented by Doxycycline 30ug, Penicillin class represented by Ampicillin 10ug, Macrolides class represented by (Azithromycin 15ug, Erythromycin 15ug), and Cephalosporins class represented by (Ceftriaxone 30ug, Ceftazidime 30ug, and Cephalexin 30ug). Antibiotic susceptibility results test revealed all proteus isolates to be resistant to most antibiotics, especially the classes (penicillin, Macrolides, Cephalosporins). In contrast, there were no significant differences between the resistance of the protease isolates from the urinary tract and the protease isolated from diarrhea. On the other hand, The antibiotic gentamicin recorded the highest sensitivity to <em>Proteus</em> isolates (UTI) and (diarrhea) tested at 46.6% and 39.9%, respectively. This study concludes to new antibiotics must be developed, although aminoglycosides are still effective against <em>Proteus</em> genus.</p> Ahmed A. Abdulrraziq Sami M. Salih Copyright (c) 2023 Scientific Journal for Faculty of Science-Sirte University 2023-10-26 2023-10-26 3 2 110 144 10.37375/sjfssu.v3i2.1616 Prediction and Analysis of Targeting Libyan Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus 2 isolates by Micro-RNA <p>The COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread concern, and extensive studies have been conducted to discover an effective therapy for the virus, some of these studies have demonstrated that host miRNAs have antiviral properties and may enhance the treatment of individuals with COVID-19. Host miRNAs are important regulators of virus replication and translation by binding directly to viral RNA. Investigating the interaction between miRNA and SARS-CoV2 can reveal novel therapeutic approaches against this virus. The study analyzed the genomes of seven Libyan SARS-CoV2 isolates and the Wuhan reference strain and used bioinformatics prediction to identify human mature miRNAs that interact with the virus. The study found that 142 lung miRNAs could interact with the viral RNA, and identified several miRNAs with multiple binding sites, including hsa-mir-197-5p and hsa-mir-286-3p. The study also identified miR-138-5p and miR-574-5p as potential therapeutic targets, as they have the ability to bind to the 3'UTR of IFN and ACE2 genes in the host cell. However, the interactions between miRNA and mRNA identified in this study require further experimental validation to confirm their therapeutic potential.</p> Marwa Alwash Asma S. Alilish Saad Aboulkasem Maab M. Aldeeb Mona M. Aborwis Copyright (c) 2023 Scientific Journal for Faculty of Science-Sirte University 2023-10-26 2023-10-26 3 2 44 50 10.37375/sjfssu.v3i2.1595 The Impact of CO2 Concentration on Indoor Air Quality in Various Schools and Colleges in Baniwaleed City <p>Indoor air pollution has been known since ancient times, but the types of indoor air pollutants differ with the presence of modern buildings. Millions of people die each year as a result of the serious threat that indoor air pollution poses to human health. Numerous pollutants can cause indoor air pollution; therefore, it's crucial to identify their primary sources and concentrations and develop plans for enhancing and controlling the quality of the air indoors. Air-conditioned and tightly closed, especially since a person spends more than 80% of his day in closed environments. The current study included measuring the concentration of carbon dioxide inside some schools and colleges in Baniwaleed city to ensure air quality. Two primary schools, four secondary schools, and two colleges were selected. Measurements were taken twice, the first in November and the second in December. A HT 2000 CO<sub>2</sub> meter was used for measurement, located in the laboratories of the Faculty of Science, Baniwaleed University, Department of Geology and Environmental Sciences. The highest reading was recorded at 2221 ppm at Sana Muhaidli School for Secondary Education in the month of December. The second highest reading recorded in the College of Engineering was 2005 ppm, and it was in the month of December as well. There were some readings within the permissible limits (less than 1000 ppm) and some readings higher than the permissible limit.</p> Masood Ghanem Lubna Ahmed Shahub Copyright (c) 2023 Scientific Journal for Faculty of Science-Sirte University 2023-10-26 2023-10-26 3 2 81 87 10.37375/sjfssu.v3i2.1614 Treatment of Turbid Water Collected from Oil Mill Waste (OMW) Using Low Content of Gum Arabic polymer (GA) <p>Using synthetic polymers in clarifying of turbid wastewater is a very expensive method, in addition to their monomers toxicity produced from the polymerisation reaction. Those drawbacks encouraged several scientists who were interested in eco-friendly sustainable materials to discover an upright replacement to clarify turbid wastewater. The present study introduces Gum Arabic (GA) as a health-friendly natural polymer flocculant, which could be applied in the pre-filtration process of oil mill wastewaters (OMWW) treatment. GA-silica as a model work and GA-OMWW interaction was investigated experimentally by turbidimetric technique and mathematically by GraphPad Prism® software, since plateau followed by one phase decay was a good fit at adding 1250 and 12500 mg of polymer, while one phase decay was selected as a proper fit for 12.5 and 125 mg. Results supposed that the biopolymer improves markedly the sedimentation performance of suspended materials. Digital micrographs agreed with the turbidity results.</p> Fateh Eltaboni Wafa Alzwy Haneen Almaadani Copyright (c) 2023 Scientific Journal for Faculty of Science-Sirte University 2023-10-26 2023-10-26 3 2 01 08 10.37375/sjfssu.v3i2.1307 Phytochemical Screening, antioxidant activity, and Mineral Profiling of Rosmarinus Officinalis L. from Msallata Region (Libya) <p>The aim of this study was to investigate the phytochemical constituents, total phenols, total antioxidant, and mineral contents of Rosmarinus Officinalis L. The aerial parts of the plant were extracted using different solvents, including water, ethanol, ethyl acetate, and chloroform. The extracts were analyzed for their phytochemical constituents. The total phenolic content and total antioxidant capacity were measured using colorimetric assays. The mineral content of the plant was analyzed using AAS. The results showed that the plant extracts were rich in carbohydrates, proteins, phenols, alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins, glycosides, and coumarins. The total phenolic content of the plant extracts ranged from 76.7 to 95.5 mg GAE/g, indicating strong antioxidant activity, with a total antioxidant capacity of 50.03 mg/g. The plant was found to be rich in macro elements such as Na, K, Ca, Mg, and P, with concentrations ranging from 1760 to 12155 mg/kg. The water extract contained fewer phytochemical constituents compared to the ethanolic extract, while the ethyl acetate and chloroform extracts showed the presence of only specific compounds. These findings suggest that Rosmarinus Officinalis L. is a valuable natural source of bioactive compounds and essential nutrients. Further research is needed to fully elucidate the therapeutic properties of the plant and to explore its potential use in the prevention and treatment of various diseases.</p> Khaled Muftah Elsherif Ebtesam Abdallah Ahmed Alhlbad Abdunaser Mabrok Ewlad-Ahmed Copyright (c) 2023 Scientific Journal for Faculty of Science-Sirte University 2023-10-26 2023-10-26 3 2 9 17 10.37375/sjfssu.v3i2.1543 Evaluation of Sunscreen Protection Factor Values (SPF) for some Aromatic Acids and their Salts of Mono- and Bivalent Metals by UV Spectrophotometer <p>This study aimed to determine the ultraviolet absorption for some carboxylic acids and their salts of mono- and bivalent metals as organic UV filters by UV spectrophotometer, as well as, calculate the values of the sun protection factor (SPF) for these compounds. The solutions of organic UV filters are subjected to absorbance measurements in the range of 290 to 320 nm, with five nm intervals, using the ultraviolet spectrometer. The experiments have been carried out in three different solvents: H<sub>2</sub>O, MeOH, and EtOH. These salts included sodium benzoate, sodium salicylate, calcium benzoate, and calcium salicylate. The calculated sun protection factor (SPF) of these solutions was evaluated using the Mansur equation. All organic filters showed some sunlight protection properties. The best-calculated SPF values were 47.0 for salicylic acid, followed by the sodium salicylate salt at 40.3 and then the calcium salicylate salt at 39.7. These salicylic acid salts showed a high ability of UV absorbance compared to benzoic acid salts which showed SPF values of 11.5.&nbsp; This study presented organic UV filters with high SPF values and high solubility in polar solvents such as water and ethanol. Sodium and calcium salicylates would be recommended for use in the manufacture of sunscreen formulations<strong>.</strong></p> Fathia A. Mosa Aisha Milad Marwa A. Agailm Rem A. Hadia Hana H. Khalil Copyright (c) 2023 Scientific Journal for Faculty of Science-Sirte University 2023-10-26 2023-10-26 3 2 74 80 10.37375/sjfssu.v3i2.1401 Maleic Acid Separation from Aqueous Solutions Utilizing Amberlite LA-2 <table> <tbody> <tr> <td width="379"> <p>This study investigates the potential uses of Amberlite LA-2 for the recovery of maleic acid from an aqueous solution. The effects of the initial concentration of maleic acid and Amberlite LA-2, pH, contact time, and temperature were determined and evaluated. The experimental results of extraction were used to calculate the distribution coefficient (K<sub>D</sub>), and extraction efficiency (E%). The results show that the extraction efficiency increased with the increase in the initial concentration of maleic acid, where the percentage increased from 92.65% to 99.01% when the concentration of acid was increased from 0.01 to 0.075 N. The percentage of maleic acid extraction was also increased from 85.3 to 98% with the increase in the concentration of Amberlite LA-2 from 0.044 to 0.22 M. The acid extracted from the aqueous phase to the organic phase increases with time, and the quantitative transfer of maleic acid occurred after 60 minutes. At a concentration of 0.05 M, the percentage of extracted acid was observed to increase from 98.8% to 99.95% when temperature was increased from 25 to 40 <sup>o</sup>C. The highest percentage of acid extraction was recorded at pH=3, which is (90.3%). The maximum loading modulus reached a value of 1.6877 at a concentration of 0.044 M of the secondary amine.</p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> Aisha AL-Abbasi Mohammed Zidan Abdulrahman Dnkm Ihssin Abdalsamed Noria Bilkhia Marwa Saad Copyright (c) 2023 Scientific Journal for Faculty of Science-Sirte University 2023-10-26 2023-10-26 3 2 133 140 10.37375/sjfssu.v3i2.1387 Oscillation of Superlinear second Order Nonlinear Differential Equations with Damping Term <p>The study of differential equations has been the object of many researchers over the last decades. Different approaches and various techniques have been adopted to investigate the qualitative properties of their solutions. Recently and driven by their widespread applications, the investigation of differential equations of second order has drawn significant attention. The oscillation of solutions has been the main features that have attracted consideration. Therefore, it has been intended to use the Riccati Transformation Technique for obtaining several new oscillation criteria for different classes of nonlinear differential equations of the second order with a damping term. Oscillatory behavior has taken into account through this study of solutions of some differential equations. Comparisons between our results and the previously known results have presented. The relevance of our theorems has been clear clear due to carefully selected examples. As a conclusion, our aim is to provide some results to improve and/or extend some of well-known results in the literature.</p> Ambarka A. Salhin Copyright (c) 2023 Scientific Journal for Faculty of Science-Sirte University 2023-10-26 2023-10-26 3 2 126 132 10.37375/sjfssu.v3i2.1476