Author Guide


Author/s Rresponsibility:


  1. The author is alone responsible for the proofreading and spelling check of his or her submitted manuscript.
  2. The SJFSSU editorial committee has the right to make any editorial changes on the manuscript which is accepted for publication.
  3. The author/ authors are prohibited from publishing in the journal for a period of three consecutive years if it appears that they have sent the manuscript to another journal at the same time that it was sent to the journal.
  4. The author is not entitled to withdraw the manuscript during the evaluation process, unless the peer-review process exceeds six months. Thus the author could withdraw the manuscript provided that he informs the journal of his desire.
  5. An author is kindly requested to disclose any affiliations, including financial, consultant or institutional associations that might lead to bias or a conflict of interest.
  6. Any author is required to understand, complete and sign the ‘Authorship, Copyright Transfer, Conflicts of Interest and Acknowledgments statement’ which can be downloaded from the link:

The signed form should be scanned and attached electronically along with the submitted manuscript.

  1. An author has to submit his or her manuscript electronically as a MS-Word file through the journal website via the link:

  1. Without the need to contact the editorial committee with regard to submitted manuscript, an author can easily track his or her submitted manuscript electronically through the journal website via the link:


Author’s Rights:

  1. The Author retains the following rights:
  2. All proprietary rights, such as patent rights.
  3. Using all or part of the material published in his or her article in further research of his or her own filling, provided that permission is granted   from the SJFSSU and an adequate acknowledgment should be appropriately credited and referenced for the SJFSSU.


The author(s) of each article appearing in this Journal is/are solely responsible for the views, ideas expressed and the accuracy of the data in his or her manuscript. Thus the published papers do not reflect the opinions or views of the SJFSSU or its members. Furthermore, the designation and the presentation of materials do not reflect any opinion whatsoever of the SJFSSU in terms of legal status of any country, territory…etc.