DOI: http://www.doi.org/10.37375/issn.2789-858X

History of the journal

The Journal of the Faculty of science at the University of Sirte is a biannual and electronic peer-reviewed scientific journal that is available free of charge on its website. The journal was established by the decision of the dean of Sirte University No. 11 which is issued on 29-4-2021 and decision No. 194 which is issued on 25-5-2021 on the formation of the editorial board of the journal.

The message

We hope that this journal will be a scientific platform that provides researchers, from inside and outside Sirte University, the chance to publish their scientific research accordingly to the scientific development in the field of pure and applied Sciences. The editorial board of the journal will follow the approach of adhering to the scientific methodology, ethics of scientific research, examining the accuracy, and scientific honesty during the procedures of evaluating the received manuscripts to ensure that the quality standards recognized in scientific publications are met.


Inclusion to the  international databases to contribute to raising the University's ranking and progress at the local and national ranks.

Objectives of the journal

  1. This scientific journal was established by the faculty to meet the community's need for scientific research, including the scientific research it presents by specialists in various sciences. The publication of scientific research is essential in the carrier of any researcher. Moreover, the process of publishing research has developed and become an effective way to spread knowledge and communication between researchers.
  2. The journal aims to encourage researchers to accelerate progress in scientific research, and publish their works.
  3. Providing an honourable image to the Faculty of Science in particular and Sirte University in general.