Editor and Reviewer Guide

Editors Responsibilities:

  1. The editorial committee must ensure a fair double-blind peer-review of the submitted manuscript.
  2. The editorial committee will strive to make sure there are no potential conflicts of interests between the author and the editorial and review personnel.
  3. The editorial committee will ensure that all the information related to submitted manuscripts is sustained as confidential.


Reviewers Responsibilities:

  1. The reviewers must ensure that all the information related to submitted manuscripts is kept as confidential.
  2. Reviewer who is unable to review the submitted manuscript for any reason should notify the editorial director to excuse himself or herself from the review process.
  3. Reviewers must review the submitted manuscripts objectively according to the journal’s evaluation forms and adhere to the specified evaluation period of three months at max.



Review Process

  1. If the submitted manuscript initially meets the specified requirements of the SJFSSU and successfully passes the plagiarism check, then directly it should go through the double blind and peer-review process.
  2. The submitted manuscript is subject to double blind review by specialized referees suggested by the editorial committee in an undisclosed manner to evaluate the submitted manuscript.
  3. The editorial board of the journal informs the author of the opinions of the referees and forwards its assessment report if the manuscript needs any corrections.
  4. Any PhD-degree holder with a scientific degree (assistant professor or higher) who would like to be a referee in the SJFSSU should register and send his or her CV through the SJFSSU website.
  5. An author is required to make any minor or major corrections that are suggested by the referees within a stipulated date.

Publishing Process


  1. Once the decision is made of accepting the manuscript for publication at the SJFSSU, the author will be notified and facilitated with an acceptance letter to confirm that his or her manuscript is accepted for publication in the upcoming issue of the SJFSSU.
  2. Once the issue of the journal has been realised, a soft-copy of each published paper will be sent to the author via his or her email address.