Editor Director's Word


Word of the editorial director of the Scientific Journal for the Faculty of Science-Sirte University


In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

 The praise is to Allah, Lord of the worlds, and prayers and peace is upon the prophet Muhammad, and upon his family and his companions.

To begin with, it is my great pleasure to congratulate all the members of the editorial board of the Scientific Journal for the Faculty of Science-Sirte University (SJFSSU) and all the faculty members and its administrative and technical staff on the launch of the first journal of the faculty of Science at Sirte University. We would like to commend the efforts made by the dean of the faculty of science, which bore fruit with the emission of this new scientific platform, which will be the foundations for scientific research. We hope that the SJFSSU will be a valuable scientific platform for academics from inside and outside the university. The SJFSSU specializes in publishing an original scientific research that fulfils the academic integrity requirements and meets the common scientific requirements.

 Secondly, the SJFSSU aims to consolidate scientific research and encourage everyone in the academic community to engage in the field of scientific research and publish one’s work to make valuable contributions in the community. The editorial board of the SJFSSU will be keen to adhere to the common quality standards by adhering to the scientific methodology and the ethics of scientific research and the investigation of accuracy and scientific honesty. We pray to Allah to help us in our endeavours so that the SJFSSU projects an honourable impression of the science faculty in particular and of Sirte University in general, and that it contributes to elevating the university’s classification and progress at both the local and regional levels.

Thirdly, we also aspire that the SJFSSU will take a prestigious position among scientific journals that are issued by Sirte University or other academic institutions. With Allah's help, we will strive to ensure that the SJFSSU obtains the standards of quality that are recognized either at the local or regional levels.

And in conclusion, we ask Allah, The Almighty, to grant us success.

Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah are upon you.

Dr Haniyah A. M. Saed

Editorial Director.