Application of Cloud Point in Spectrophotometric Determination of Drugs, Overview


  • Lamya A. Sarsam Department of New and Renewable Energies, College of Science, University of Mosul, Mosul, Iraq
  • Theia'a N. Al-Sabha Department of Chemistry, Al-Noor University College, Mosul, Iraq.



Cloud point, drugs, surfactant, spectrophotometry.


The technique known as "cloud point extraction," or CPE, involves removing organic and inorganic compounds from chemical or biological systems using safe extractants such as non-ionic surfactants. These extractants have a tendency to separate out of the bulk solution and form clouds when heated to significant temperatures, and it is known that the surfactants in the mentioned technique have the ability to concentrate these materials. The CPE technique receives great attention because of the simplicity and speed of the method, and the extraction process is beneficial by improving the experimental conditions by adjusting the acidity function, temperature, type of electrolyte, extraction time, and surfactant concentration. The surfactant leads to the phase separation of the so-called surfactant-rich phase and the surfactant aqueous phase. The comparison of the maximum temperature with the critical temperature is called the cloud point temperature, which will be Then the substance to be analyzed is concentrated and the preconcentration factor is high. This article describes the applications of the CPE method in the determination of different drugs using different reactions and various reagents.


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