A new Variety (A. foliolosus var. viscosus (Webb & Berthel.) Essokne & Jury, comb. nov) From Canary Islands.


  • Stephen L. Jury School of Biological Sciences (Harborne Building), University of Reading, Whiteknights, Reading RG6 6AS, United Kingdom
  • Rafaa A. Essokne Department of Biology, Faculty of Education, University of Benghazi




Adenocarpus, Leguminosae,, Canary Islands , New variety, , Taxonomy., Leguminosae


Twenty four species have been recognised in this genus. Subspecies rank has been applied to geographical variants of a species which are morphologically distinguishable. In addition, one new variety has been recognised which lacks glandular papillae on the calyx, and grows at a different altilude than the type. The range of descriptions, distributions and the key to the species were drawn up from field collections and herbarim material. All the specimens available to me have been examined, except where specimens were missing some parts (e.g. some sheets lacked flowers). The descriptions and the distributions of most of the taxa were taken directly from the type and herbarium specimens. Therefore, the species Adenocarpus viscosus (Leguminosae) is proposed as a new Variety to the Canary Islands. Its morphological, and ecological features are discussed, together with its relationship to, and differences from, the other species of Adenocarpus foliolosus (Ait.) DC. Furthermore, earlier Reading University fieldwork in Morocco suggested that the genus presently consists of ca. 25 species (Rafaa Essokne, et al., 2012). However, in this paper A.  foliolosis var. viscosus is recognized as a variety and accordingly described.


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