Estimation of annual gonadal dose equivalent and cancer risk for the barley samples in Libya markets


  • Asma M. AL-abrdi Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Omar Al-Mukhtar University, Al-Bayda, Libya.


NaI(Tl), Activity concentrations, Barley, Libya


Due to its important role in human safety, natural radioactivity has garnered a lot of attention worldwide. Barley is one of the basic and important for human beings. Therefore, the measurement of natural radioactivity is a critical because of its direct impact on human safety. In this research, quantification has been made of natural radionuclide concentrations using NaI(Tl) gamma-ray spectrometry. The analyses of samples reveal the mean activity concentrations of 226Ra, 232Th, 40K% are found to (4.68) ppm, (17.14) ppm and (0.49) % respectively. Also estimated annual gonadal equivalent dose (AGED) resulting with an average (0.47) mSv.y-1 where was greater than globally limits, while the average value of cancer risk (ELCR) (0.29) equals the international permissible limits. The study can be considered as a basis for future studies on this basic substance in food.


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