Identification of the Most Important Weed Species in A Barley Crops in Beir Bullerjam Region – Soloq, Libya


  • N. Omar Botany Department, Arts and Sciences Faculty, Benghazi University, Alabear- Branch, Libya.



Weed Species, Barley, Beir Bullerjam, Soloq, Libya.


A field survey was carried out to highlight the most important and problematic weeds of barley crop at District Beir Bullerjam, Soloq Region, Libya for two seasons (2020 to 2021). The current study is based on field research where recorded most weed the grown species by survey followed by using quadrats and finally calculating the weed density and their frequency. samples from the fields of the barley crop using a quadrat of size 1 m × 1 m randomly thrown at different points in the fields. The plants were identified with the help of available literature and through comparison with the already identified plant species. Data inventory has been documented in the form of family, Botanical name, vernacular name and life cycle. A total of 67 weed species belonging to 54 genera and 21 families of angiosperms. The dominant families according to the number of species were Asteraceae (14 species), Fabaceae (11 species), Poaceae (9 species), and Brassicaceae (7 species). The most dominant life cycle was annuals having 57 followed by perennials having nine species and biennials represented by only two species.The results further revealed that the highest density (43.48 mˉ²) and (30.36 mˉ²) were recorded for Lolium rigidum and Melilotus indicus respectively, while the highest frequency were recorded for Melilotus indicus and Eruca sativa with 84% and 80 respectively.


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