Improvement the germination characteristics in aged seeds of Hordeum vulgare plants by some invigoration solutions


  • Rabha buhwish Department of botany, Faculty of science, University of Omar Al Mukhtar, Al bayda, Libya



Hordeum vulgare L, , Aged seeds , growth parameters, , carbohydrate constituents , KNO3, ZnSO4,


Seeds viability and seed vigour decline during storage, The aim of this research was  the improvement of seed quality by  treatment  with KNO3and  ZnSO4 of  Hordeum vulgare L. plants aged seeds.Experiment was on  barley seeds storage for different periods of (1year and 4 years) in open storage type  and treatment these by using seeds invigoration solutions , 3% zinc sulfate (ZnSO4),and 3%  potassium nitrate (KNO3) in addition to non primed seed (control) to know their effect on viability and vigour of  Seeds and determine the best one on them. The results showed that growth parametres, total available carbohydra­te (TAC) content and starch (St) contents decrease under long storage,while total soluble sugars (TSS) increased. While  at treatment by ZnSO4 and  KNO3 there wasan increase in  total germination , mean germination time, radical and plumule lengths, seedling  fresh and dry weight, and vigour index , also increasing in TSS, St, and TAC contents. However, the treatment with KNO3 was the best compare with treatment by ZnSO4. Conclusions: It can be concluded from this study that using invigoration solutions led to improve germination and vigour of barley seeds for all the seed storage.


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