Photochemical properties of a Ru/Pd based photocatalyst for the solar driven generation of hydrogen with HPLC


  • Hamid M. Younis Sirte University, Department of Chemistry, Sirte-Libya
  • Ashraf M. Abusenaina Sirte University, Department of Chemistry, Sirte-Libya,
  • Sven Raw Anorganische Chemie I, Universität Ulm, Albert-Einstein-Allee 11, 89081 Ulm Germany
  • Johannes G. Vos SRC for Solar Energy Conversion, Dublin City University, Glasnevin, Dublin 9, Ireland


Photochemical, Ruthenium, Soler driven, Hydrogen, HPLC


These studies do show the formation of photoinduced intermediates as evidenced by species with absorption maxima at up to 600 nm, involving reduced bridging ligands such as shown in the following structure. No information concerning the photostability of the photocatalyst is available. In this studies we wish to carry out HPLC studies to investigate the issue of the photostability of the photocatalyst. The photochemical properties of this complex together with a number of analogues compounds 1-2, [(tbbpy)2Ru(tpphz)](PF6)2 - [(tbbpy)2Ru(tpphz)PdCl2](PF6)2 will be investigated initially in acetonitrile, subsequently their stability under photocatalytic conditions, in the presence of TEA and an under argon atmosphere.


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