Characterisation of Ruthenium – Rhenium Dinuclear Complexes using NMR and HPLC


  • Hamid M Younis Sciences Faculty, Department of Chemistry, Sirte University, Sirte-Libya
  • Nadia Coburn SRC for Solar Energy Conversion, School of Chemical Sciences, Dublin City University, Ireland
  • Johannes G. Vos SRC for Solar Energy Conversion, School of Chemical Sciences, Dublin City University, Ireland


Synthesis, Ruthenium, Rhenium Dinuclear, HPLC, photocatalytic


Many studies have been conducted on substituting ligands to increase photocatalytic activity but an interesting study was conducted again by our group researchon manipulating these properties by structural changes i.e. using different degrees of communication between the metallic sites and the ligands. Enhancement of photocatalytic activity was achieved when the Ru and Re Centres were bound covalently by providing selective excitation and reductive quenching of the Ru excited state to the Re moiety.

Photocatalytic studies on a number of dinuclear systems were carried out and the results showed that the photocatalytic response to light was achieved upon addition of the Ru species where it was covalently linked to the Re Centre. The photocatalyic study also indicated that increasing the number of Re Centres attached to the bridging ligand increased the turnover number. This study was influential on the design of the system to be used in the study presented in this work.


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