SUSJ is a scientific refereed journal issued on behalf of Sirte University in a number of issues throughout the year interested in publishing research and documented studies in the field of applied sciences for university faculty members and other universities from inside and outside Libya.

The views expressed in the publication are the individual opinion of the author(s) and they neither represents nor reflect the opinion of the editor and editorial board or Sirte University.

The University reserves all copyright and, no re-print or publication of the whole or parts of the journal is allowed without prior permission.


Journal vision

Sirte University Scientific Journal (SUSJ) seeks to Spreading distinguished scientific knowledge for the purpose of regional and global spread in the field of scientific publishing, which is characterized by originality and novelty while adhering to the scientific methodology and ethics of scientific rese

Journal message

The scientific mission of the University of Sirte Journal stems from its vision of publishing scientific research and studies of the court and sober, developing scientific research capabilities, disseminating and encouraging a culture of innovation, expanding the scope of international accreditation of the University of Sirte and enhancing its reputation locally and internationally.

Journal goals

Sirte University Scientific Journal (SUSJ) of Applied Sciences aims to achieve the following:

  • Building and consolidating bridges of scientific communication inside and outside the university by forming a distinguished network of specialized researchers and academics and benefiting from their experiences in carrying out, evaluating and evaluating applied research that serves the community and addresses its problems.
  • Publishing solid and innovative scientific research and studies in various branches of applied sciences.
  • Providing a reliable and reliable scientific reference for researchers and science students to enrich scientific research and achieve quality and excellence in various fields of applied sciences.
  • Enabling researchers and arbitrators alike to acquire intellectual, professional and scientific writing skills during their research and scientific life.