Publication Ethics

Research Evaluation

Research submitted for publication in Sirte University Scientific Journal (SUSJ) is subject to scientific and objective arbitration by two residents with a minimum of the same exact specialization in order to ensure the quality of the article. Residents are not informed of the name of the researcher and vice versa. With that. After receiving the notes, the researcher is informed of the resident's notes and asked to adhere to them and return them for publication after the amendment.

Plagiarism policy

Sirte University Scientific Journal (SUSJ) respects intellectual property and aims to protect the original work of authors applying for publication. In general, the laws of the magazine are inconsistent with scientific articles that contain stolen materials and are not bound by the standards of quality, research and innovation. Applicants for publication to the journal must adhere to ethical standards and refrain from plagiarism in any way. In the event that any plagiarism or scientific theft of an article submitted for publication is found, the journal will contact the author to provide their interpretation within two weeks of its date, after which it will be referred to the relevant committees formed for this purpose to take strict measures. about that. In general, the journal’s license allows the citation of the content published on its website and the download of all files.

Author Responsibilities:

Authors who submitted an article to Sirte University Scientific Journal (SUSJ) must ensure that they have written original works and the manuscript has not been published elsewhere. Also, other authors, contributors, or sources should be appropriately credited and referenced on their contributions. Authors are responsible for their submitting articles as originality of their articles which are not been copied or plagiarized in whole or in part from other works. Authors who submitted an article must note any financial or other conflict of interest in their manuscript and must agree to the license agreement. Articles must be submitted by online submission procedure using our system only.

Editors Responsibilities:

Editors at SUSJ must ensure a peer-review of the submitted articles and all the information of submitted manuscripts must be checked and kept as confidential before publishing. Editors must prevent any potential conflict of interests between the author and reviewers.

Reviewers Responsibilities:

Reviewers who will evaluate the submitted manuscripts and must keep all the information related to submitted manuscripts as confidential. All the manuscripts must be evaluated objectively and clearly opinions of reviewers with any information found.