Design, Implementation and Improvement of 16QAM System


  • Mohammed Elmahdi
  • Algaddafi Alpotte
  • Otman Imrayed
  • El-Sharif A. Omer


16QAM System, Hamming code (15,11,1), Rayleigh fading, Interleaver


In this paper, we will establish a communication model that simulates AWGN and Rayleigh Fading channel using QAM scheme. The first part includes the generation of 16QAM and makes a comparison between the theoretical and simulation results. The second part includes the coding of the QAM signal using the Hamming (15,11,1) system with AWGN and makes a comparison between the theoretical and simulation results. In the third part, we pass the uncoded QAM signal through a fading channel. The fourth part considers the coded 16QAM system with AWGN and Rayleigh fading. Finally, we design an interleaver for the system in order to improve the coding performance.


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