Electrochemical Noise as a powerful technique for monitoring localized corrosion


  • Mukhtar Shaglouf Chemical Engineering Department Faculty of Engineering The University of Sirte P.O. Box 674 Sirte – Libya
  • Faraj Al-Tahar Chemical Engineering Department Faculty of Engineering The University of Sirte P.O. Box 674 Sirte – Libya


electrochemical noise, pitting corrosion


Corrosion researchers in the recent years gave extra attention to the electrochemical noise technique as it does not require any form of electrode perturbation. Also the EN analysis method can provide information about the kinetics and mechanism of the corrosion process with accuracy that can match conventional electrochemical techniques. Sources of electrochemical noise observed in corrosion can be ascribed to random phenomena, including, partial faradaic currents, adsorption or desorption processes, and particularly the initiation of pitting.  Many authors recommended Electrochemical Noise Measurement (ENM) to be applied for the investigation of the localized corrosion cases. Herein we concentrated on the theoretical study of the application of ENM as a powerful technique to detect and monitor pitting corrosion.

The last part of this paper performed comparisons of different EN studies that detected and used to monitor pitting corrosion cases.


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