Best Performance of Reactor Controllers Using Stochastic Optimization Method


  • Yousif A. Alsadiq Chemical Engineering Department, Engineering faculty, Sirte University, Libya


Mathematical Mödling of continuous stirred tank reactor, MATLAB Simulation, PID controller, Generic Model Control, Fuzzy Logic Control, Simulated Annealing (SA)


Based on the mass and energy balances for the reactor and heating system, a mathematical model for a continuous stirred tank reactor is created. The concentration is changed stepwise, and the reactor's temperature is gauged as a result. This study compares the use of PI, generic model control, and fuzzy logic controllers on the system with the aim of evaluating each one's performance in light of the integral of the absolute error that is produced. The controller's settings are adjusted using a simulated annealing technique. However, in order to have a fairly comparison The range of the PI and Generic model controller’s gains are increased as well as the simulated annealing solution numbers, on the other hand the number of membership functions for variable and solution numbers are increase for fuzzy controller.   MATLAB/SIMULINK has been used to implement the control and simulation investigation.


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