Design, modeling and simulation of a square quartz resonant pressure sensor


  • Mohamed E. Ali Department of Electrical& Electronics, Sirte University, Sirte, Libya



Square diaphragm, pressure, beam, natural frequency, microsensor


This paper establishes the Finite Element Method FEM model of a practical Quartz beam resonator attached to a square diaphragm, which is used for measuring the pressure, based on sensing mechanism of a resonant Quartz pressure sensor. The relationship between the basic neutral frequency of the beam resonator and the measured pressure is calculated, analyzed and investigated by making use of the established FEM model. Some important qualitative and quantitative results on the natural frequency- pressure relationship of the beam resonator and the microsensor are obtained. Finally, based on the differential output scheme, a set of appropriate parameters of the sensing structure is determined, the frequency range is (661.839~892.208) kHz for the beam, which is located at the outer edge.


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