Study of the Effects Due to the Exchange of Na2O by NaCl on Structure of Some Iron Doped Oxide Glasses


  • H. M. Gomaa Physics Department, Faculty of Art and Science in EL Jofraa, Sirte University, Libya
  • K. H. Idres Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Sirte University, Libya
  • A.H. El-Dosokey Physics Department, Faculty of Science, El-Fayoum University, El-Fayoum, Egypt
  • O. N. Abohlfaya Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Sirte University, Libya


Iron Doped oxide glasses, Mossbauer, Na2O


Oxide glasses doped with transition metal ions are of great interest because of their variant applications in both science and technology. Some Borophosphate glasses doped with iron oxide were prepared. Then, a constant acceleration Mossbauer Effect (ME) spectrometer attached with 20 mCi Co radioactive source was used to characterizing the state of iron cations in these glasses. ME parameters had the evidence that the iron occupied two different coordination states. One, of low intensity, characterizing Fe    in the tetrahedral coordination state, while the other, of high intensity, characterizing Fe    in the octahedral coordination. In other word, all Fe    act as a glass network modifiers (GNM), while all Fe act as a glass network formers (GNF). Moreover, ME parameters show that the replacement of Na2O by NaCl causing Fe3+ octahedral configuration to transformed to Fe2+ tetrahedral configuration.


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