Solitary Bone Cyst - A Case Report


  • Rahamathulla Khana Dental Faculty, Department of Orthodontics, Sirte University, Sirte-Libya
  • Verdine Virginia Antony Dental Faculty, Department of Periodontics, Sirte University, Sirte-Libya


unicameral bone cyst, non-epithelial lined, trauma


Solitary bone cysts are an uncommon lesion, usually occurring in long bones. A solitary bone cyst of the mandible also known as traumatic bone cyst of jaw, haemorrhagic cyst of the mandible, extravasation cyst, progressive bone cavity and unicameral bone cyst is an uncommon non-epithelial lined lucent mandibular lesion. Trauma has been suggested as the etiology along with other non-substantiated theories such as cystic degeneration of a preexisting tumor or of the fatty marrow in the area.

Clinically, the lesion is asymptomatic in the majority of cases and is often accidentally discovered on routine radiological examination, frequently during the second decades of life. The majority of solitary bone cysts are located in the mandibular body. This article presents a case report, successfully treated with good prognosis


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