on some Techniques of Treating Weakly Singular Integrals


  • Hanya A. M. Ben Hamdin Mathematics Department, Faculty of Science, Sirte University, Sirte, Libya


Boundary Element Method, Boundary Integral Equations, Weakly Singular Integrals, Hypersingular Integrals, Telles' Transformation, Gauss Quadrature


The weak singularity issue arises in the boundary integral equations either directly or as a result of reducing the hypersingularity to at worst weak singularity by using some regularization formulae. Here we show some analytic and numerical techniques to deal with the weak singularity phenomenon of the boundary integral equations. These powerful techniques include the logarithmic Gaussian quadrature, subtraction of singularity and coordinate transformations that are formulated in such a way that the singularity is removed.


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