Influence of preoperative factors on the outcome of root canal treatment (Part 1): A retrospective clinical study


  • Gazala Ehtiba Department of Operative Dentistry and Endodontics, Sirte University, Libya
  • Ali Ehtiba Dental Department, Sirte polyclinic center, Sirte, Libya.



Factor-affecting outcome, Success rate, root canal treatment, European Society of Endodontology.


Aim: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of preoperative prognostic variables (Gender, Age, General medical health, Tooth type, Tooth location, Pulpal and periapical status) on the outcome of the initial endodontic therapy. Material and methods: Ninety-one patients out of 109 were included and had complete medical and dental record. A total of 146 teeth received an endodontic treatment and overall 408 Canals obturated. All treatments were performed through 2018 and 2019, in a private Dental Clinic in Sirte, Libya. Two independent endodontists, who have analyzed all preoperative and postoperative radiographs. Treatment effectiveness was evaluated using the European Society of Endodontology's standards. The periapical index was used to grade the periapical state. Setting the level of significance at p ˂ 5% by applying chisquare Pearson test. Results: The initial root canal procedure had an overall success rate of 89.7%. The health status showed their power effect on success rate with 83.6% (p-value =0.0001). Periapical status had a strong effect on the outcome. Apical periodontitis (AP) was existing in 49 of all teeth, with a PAI >3 in 17 teeth. The success rate (SR) was 61.6%, 11.6%, 6.8% & 9.7% with teeth has PAI 1, PAI 2, PAI 3 and PAI >3, respectively (p-value = 0.004). However, pulpal status shows that the success rate for vital teeth was 57.5% and for nonvital teeth was 32.2%.Conclusion: Within the parameters of the investigation, medical health and periapical condition have demonstrated to be powerful significant outcome predictors



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