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Despite the rising incidence of CSP, there are no consensus or evidence-based guidelines for management. <strong>Aims:</strong> To review risk factors, clinical features, diagnostic methods, and management of women with CSP at Benghazi Medical Center. <strong>Materials and methods</strong>: A descriptive-case series study of CSP cases between the Ist of&nbsp; March 2018 and Ist of&nbsp; April 2022.. Data collected retrospectively. The data included demographics, presenting symptoms and signs, ultrasound findings, treatment used, and any complications. <strong>Results:</strong> The total number of ectopic pregnancies in period between 1st March 2018 and 1st April 2022 was 262, ten women (3.82%) were diagnosed as scar ectopic, The women's ages ranged from 28 to 47 years, about 60% had three or four previous cesarean scars, abdominal pain with vaginal bleeding&nbsp; was in 30% of the cases, while 60% of patients were asymptomatic and all patients were stable during the diagnosis, except for one case that had signs of shock. ultrasound finding was 80% presence of gestational sac implanted low near the previous scar; initial diagnosis was delayed by 50%. The management was laparotomy and gestational sac excision in four cases that did not require further treatment, dilatation and uterine evacuation were done in two cases that required use of&nbsp; uterine balloon to control bleeding and further use of methotrexate&nbsp; In one case (10%), systemic methotrexate alone was effective. Severe bleeding was seen among 60% of women, and 20% underwent hysterectomy. The complications were significantly (P&lt; 0.05) more common among women with high parity and also in cases where there was no intervention during the diagnosis. <strong>Conclusion: </strong><strong>A</strong> previous uterine scar is the main risk factor for CSP; there is no specific clinical feature for CSP; ultrasound is used for the diagnosis; surgical management appears to be a better option, serious complications were seen mainly when no intervention was done during the diagnosis.</p> Muna.I. Al Shawbaki Fawzia .H. El. Harary Aziza Elgathafi Amina Abdulla Al Shekteria Copyright (c) 2023 2023-12-26 2023-12-26 2 2 1 7 10.37375/sjms.v2i2.2532 Correlation between Hepatitis B Viral Load and Liver Function Test among Hepatitis B Virus Patients in Khartoum State, Sudan <p>Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection is a global public health problem. Sudan is classified among the countries with high hepatitis B virus seroprevalence . The purpose of this study was to study the correlation between the hepatitis B viral load and the liver function test in hepatitis BV patients &nbsp;Descriptive cross-sectional hospital based study conducted at the hepatology clinic Ibn Sinaa teaching hospital, covering all the patients who presented to the clinic&nbsp; from March-April&nbsp; 2018, primary data was collected from the patients and/or their care giver, a specifically designed questionnaire was used, and then the data was re-entered into a predesigned data collection form. A P value of 0.05 or less was considered statistically significant. The Data was analyzed using&nbsp; Social Package Statistical&nbsp; Analysis version (24). A total of 83 patients, 19 (22.9%) have viral load level less than 20 IU\ml, 33(39.8%) have viral ranging between (20-2000IU\ ML ), 13 (15.6%)have viral&nbsp; load between (2000-20,000IU\ML ) and 18(21.7%)have viral&nbsp; load more than 20,000IU\ML ) . The study showed a significant correlation between hepatitis B viral load and alanine aminotransferase level (ALT) with a P value of 0.027. The study showed a significant correlation between hepatitis B viral load and aspartate aminotransferase level (AST) with a P value of 0.009 .The study also showed there was a significant relation between hepatitis B viral load and serum albumin level with a P&nbsp; value of 0.007. Hepatitis B viral load was not affected by the age, gender or the duration of the disease. The liver function tests is recommended to be used as an indicator for the hepatitis B viral load and the&nbsp; degree of liver inflammation.&nbsp;</p> Sawsan A. A. Altom Abdelsalam MA Nail Ahmed Mudawi Musa Gad Allah Modawe Copyright (c) 2023 2023-12-27 2023-12-27 2 2 8 15 10.37375/sjms.v2i2.2539 Infection rate of Enterobius vermicularis ( Pinworm) among school children in Sebha, Libya. <p>Helminthic infections caused by&nbsp;<em>Enterobius vermicularis</em>&nbsp;have a cosmopolitan character and most often affect the paediatric pre-school and school age population. This helminth is the most frequent in Libya, but it is as yet unrecognized, probably due to parasitological laboratories not being consulted. The cellophane scotch tape method was used to investigate the presence of&nbsp;<em>E</em>. <em>vermicularis</em>&nbsp;eggs in 115 specimens. The overall infection of this parasite was 11.3%.Out of 115 school children (62 boys and 53 girls) nine (14.51%) boys, and four (7.54%) girls, were found infected with this parasite. There was a significant difference <em>(X<sup>2</sup></em>=5.39, <em>P</em>=0.022) between both genders. Highest prevalence rate (13.84%), was found among 8 to10 years old age group. The adhesive scotch tape method appeared to be sensitive and appropriate choice to diagnose infection of&nbsp;<em>E. vermicularis.</em>.&nbsp;</p> Rugaia, M. A. Elsalem, Lamah I. A. Imhmmed Mabrouka M. Lahwal Isra M. Abdulla Somaya Yousef. Copyright (c) 2023 2023-12-27 2023-12-27 2 2 16 19 10.37375/sjms.v2i2.2541 Outcome of Surfactant Replacement Therapy in Premature Neonates in ICU of Ibn Sina Teaching Hospital of Sirte, Libya in Period Between May – 2019 to May – 2022 <p><strong>Introduction :</strong>Respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) is an acute lung disease of preterm babies caused by surfactant insufficiency . Decreased surfactant results in insufficient surface tension in the alveolus during expiration leading to alveolar collapse , atelectasis , impaired gas exchange , severe hypoxia and acidosis , leading to respiratory failure . Surfactant replacement therapy (SRT) is now accepted as the standard treatment of preterm babies with RDS . <strong>Objective : </strong>The objective of this study was to analyze the incidence and outcome of surfactant replacement therapy in preterm babies with RDS . <strong>Methodology : </strong>This is Quantitative retrospective study , conducted in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) of Ibn Sina Teaching Hospital , Sirte , Libya . Study duration was of three years period ( May – 2019 to May – 2022 ) . Preterm babies from 24 wks to 36 wks of gestation with RDS received SRT were included in this study . The surfactant was administrated intra- tracheally according to standard procedures . <strong>Results :</strong>In this study of 41 preterm babies with RDS received SRT , 30 ( 73.2% ) were male and 11 ( 26.8% ) were female . The mean gestational age was 33.12 weeks . Among 41 preterm babies with RDS receiving SRT , 21 ( 51.2% ) discharged from the hospital and 20 ( 48.8% ) expired . Maximum survival was seen in the gestational age of ≥32 wks and birth weight ≥ 1500 gms . <strong>Conclusion :&nbsp; </strong>The use of SRT has improved the survival outcome and decreased the associated morbidities in babies with RDS . The maximum impact of survival was seen in the oreterm babies of ≥ 32 weeks with birth weight of ≥ 1500 grams .</p> Intisar Abushamala Hameda Elzarouk Eltaib Copyright (c) 2024 2023-12-31 2023-12-31 2 2 19 24 10.37375/sjms.v2i2.2570