Rights and Duties of The Researcher (Publishing Rules)

Rights and Duties of The Researcher (Publishing Rules)
  1. The scientific research submitted for the purpose of publication should be directly related to the topics raised in the journal.
  2. The researcher is obligated to make the necessary modifications to the manuscript after its acceptance for publication.
  3. The research should be characterized by depth and originality in the field of specialization, so that it contributes to adding what is new in the field for which it was published.
  4. The research should include reliable scientific references, most of which should have been published recently.
  5. The accepted paper should be coordinated according to the principles of scientific research.
  6. The researcher undertakes the originality of the research and that it is not quoted from any other previously published work.
  7. The researcher must acknowledge that the scientific paper submitted to the journal has not been previously published in other local or international journals or conferences.
  8. The researcher undertakes not to publish the research again in any other scientific journal or other scientific conference without obtaining written approval from the International Journal of Engineering research.
  9. The researcher agrees to give all copyrights to the International Journal of Engineering research.
  10. The journal is not entitled to re-publish the research without the written consent of the researcher.
  11. After issuance of the issue containing his/her scientific paper, the researcher shall be granted one copy thereof.
  12. The researcher must provide evidence of the non-objection of the competent authority in the event that he/she uses previously published scientific material.