Editor Director

Editor Director's Word I am pleased to put in your hands the issue (the International Journal of Engineering Research - Sirte University) issued by the Faculty of Engineering at Sirte University. It is a refereed applied scientific journal concerned with authentic and high-quality research. The journal publishes two issues a year in an electronic version and accepts research papers which are written in English. The purpose of the journal is to support multidisciplinary studies in engineering sciences locally and internationally, moreover to share the benefit from experiences and expertise in this field, and to provide a scientific platform for researchers from all over the world. The journal seeks to become a leader in engineering research in Libya and the world.We call for more contributions to valuable scientific research in the upcoming issues. We are being grateful for research arbitrators from inside and outside Libya, and we also are being thankful to the researchers, who participated their research in the IJER. I commend the efforts of the contributors to the sustainability of this publication, including publishers, subscribers and arbitrators, and the efforts of Sirte University administration to support scientific research. We ask God to bless our work and help us in carrying out our mission and achieving the goals of this journal. 

Dr.Imhamed M. Saleh Himada

Editor Director’s, IJER Dean,

Faculty of Engineering

Associate ProfessorSirte University