FACTS as Efficient Alternative to Network Reinforcements in the South West Libyan System


  • Ibrahim A. El-agtal Electric Department , College of Engineering Technology, Hoon, Libya
  • Layla. M. E. Galala Electric Department , College of Engineering Technology, Hoon, Libya
  • Fathi. M. Abuogarad Electric Department , College of Engineering Technology, Hoon, Libya


Power transmission, Load-flow, Loadability, Reactive power, FACTS, Series Compensation


This paper   investigated the effectiveness of installing Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) devices in the Libyan transmission network as an alternative to network reinforcement. The Libyan 220 kV transmission system is suffering from voltage stability problems especially in case of long transmission line and heavily loads in the southwestern networks.This work concentrates on the use of the application of reactive power compensation devices (FACTS) on the southwestern region networks .The focus of this work is to study the application of the reactive power compensation devices ( FACTS) on Libyan high voltage 220 kV and extra high voltage 400 kV electrical power network, as an effective alternative to network . In This paper a very integrated and comprises software tool designed for power system analysis and operation analysis and study were used. The package, named SPIRA was designed by (ENEL-CISE) of ITALY, and made available at General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL).


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