Performance Analysis of Awbari Gas Turbine Power Plant with Crude Oil


  • Mahdi Algool assistance professor
  • Salih Alsadaie Faculty of Engineering, Sirte University, Libya


Gas turbine, Hysys Aspen, SGT5-2000E, modelling and simulation


The performance of a gas turbine can be evaluated by its efficiency and net power output which both are affected by ambient conditions (atmosphere air temperature and humidity) and used fuel.In this work, the performance of the gas turbine (SGT5-2000E) has been modelled using HYSES ASPEN software and evaluated by assessing the efficiency, net power, specific fuel consumption (SFC), and fuel-air-ratio (FAR) in a hot weather region at sea level (the Sahara Desert in Libya ).

Evaluation of the performance of SGT5-2000E (Awbari gas turbine power plant, south of Libya) has been carried out by modelling the units of the power plant using HYSYS ASPEN and validated against the design data provided by the manufacturer. In addition, two performance scenarios (two different fuels) were drawn for the gas turbine power plant. The first is at a fixed Pressure Ratio (PR) of 12 with a variation of the compressor inlet temperature (CIT)between 0 oC and 50 oC, and the second is at a fixed CIT of 15 oC with a variation of PR ranging from 7 to14 bar.

Additionally, a performance analysis of the Awbari power plant is performed based on CIT and PR. The results show that the CIThas a linear effect on the turbine’s efficiency, while the PR has a non-linear effect on the turbine's efficiency. The effect of PR on the net power at fixed CIT has different behaviour depending on its CIT. For different CIT values, the net power reaches the peak at the PR values between 9 and 12. Moreover, using Natural gas as fuel for gas turbine units promotes proper turbine performance compared with crude oil as fuel.



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