Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence: A Scoping Literature Review


  • Naiema M.A. Mohamed Computer Department, Faculty of Information Technology, Sirte University, Sirte, Libya


Cloud Computing، Artificial Intelligence, AI Cloud


In the past two decades, Cloud Computing (CC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies have witnessed amazing growth, and the majority of organizations and companies around the world have become more aware of the importance of these technologies. AI and CC together are often referred to as the "AI cloud". Using AI in the cloud can improve cloud performance and efficiency while driving digital transformation in enterprises and making business operations more efficient and strategic, while also providing additional flexibility, agility, and cost savings. As a result, AI helps make the complex processes of the AI cloud better. Academics from different fields of expertise try to solve cloud-related problems; there are an increasing number of studies underway in CC service formation and AI applications. This paper will discuss some theoretical points of view, the impact of using AI in the cloud field, and discover the most important AI techniques used to find solutions to various challenges related to the cloud.


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